Our goal is to create natural solutions and remedies using only the best ingredients.

INFINatura is produced in the U.K. and we very proud to use 100 percent natural ingredients within our products Cura Oil and Cura Heat. The bottle and jar are both a special Violet Miron Glass that help preserve the product longer. Both products are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral oils and Glycol.

Caroline Biggs

INFINatura Cura Oil and Cura Heat was created by Caroline Biggs. Find out more about Caroline and her innovative products below.

Caroline, tell us something about yourself.

I have been a hairstylist and a Beautician for over 30 years, I have worked in different countries and also taught both Hairdressing and Beauty courses. I grew up with a mother who was an aromatherapy teacher and learned a lot from her. I started looking into the chemicals in a lot of skin care and I decided I wanted to formulate natural products. This led me to finding courses in London to learn to make natural skin and hair products. It started as a hobby and when I handed the products out to friends and beauticians to try, the feedback was great.

What are you doing at the moment

We import British and international hair and beauty products into Spain and distribute them through Spain through distributors. We also have an academy where we teach advanced beauty courses to Beauticians from all over Spain and the U.K.

Why did you decide to formulate INFINatura?

The original idea was to find something that was safe enough to use on all skin types and hair types. When I was young, I worked in Hong Kong and the Chinese and Malaysian girls used Camellia oil which is a beauty secret there; they told me that it was used by the Geishas in Japan. It was a great product on the skin but in my opinion too heavy for European hair. When I decided to make something I started experimenting with different oils that I had heard about on my courses and eventually after a lot of experimentation came up with something that I could use on skin, nails and hair as a repair treatment. I definitely wanted to add Camellia as it´s such a lovely oil but there were other great quality oils that I wanted to add with a multitude of benefits and finally with the added crambe, sunflower, vitamin E, argan and specially chosen aromatherapy oils I was happy with the result. There are no chemicals at all and the preservative is natural too. We started giving out samples about a year ago and got great feedback. Originally we said use it as a treatment to repair skin, nails and hair as it has great results on wrinkles and scar tissue. However, people came back saying the following: ‘it’s cured my posarisis’, ‘it’s cured my eczema’, ‘it’s relieved itching on my scalp’,’it’s taken the itch away from my mosquito bites and sunburn’ and ‘it’s great when shaving’. Following this we decided to promote these benefits too. We have asked these people to write testimonials for us and every day someone comes back with another use that I didn´t know about so its been a great learning curve for me too.

Caroline Biggs, the person behind INFINatura

Will you be adding to the INFINatura line?

Yes, we have had a lot of interest and picked up some exciting distributors from around the world for Cura oil and I have a few interesting ideas for natural products that I would love to add to the Infinatura brand in the future.