INFINatura in the Treatment of ACNE

Cura Oil´s anti inflammatory and reparative properties enables it to soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin, reducing redness, skin plaques and soreness.

Introducing INFINatura Cura Oil

Introducing INFINatura Cura Oil the new, all natural way to care for your skin. Deeply hydrating and reparative, Cura Oil is a blend of 8 natural oils with countless benefits for normal, sensitive and damaged skin. In certified clinical trials 67% of patients who completed the study showed improvement of their skin lesions with erythema and red papules improving the most.

Clinical Trial

Doctor´s Conclussions

Cura Oil improved Acne lesions probably due to a reduction of the inflammatory process, has important antioxidant properties and could have an antibacterial activity.

Before and After

Patient #1



Patient #2



Patient #3



INFINatura Cura Oil is also beneficial on the hair and nails, providing extra hydration and nourishment.
Free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients.



Anti ageing

Beauty SOS and Stretch marks